Zvonimir Rudomino guest on TV show Na rubu znanosti: Wireless Power Transmission

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Zvonimir Rudomino (RT17) and Gary Peterson (21st Century Books) were guests on the Croatian science TV show “Na rubu znanosti” (“At the Edge of Science”) hosted by Krešimir Mišak, on the topic of wireless energy transfer. They spoke about the history and evolution of Nikola Tesla’s ideas and experiments with long distance resonant single-wire and wireless power transmission. They also gave a brief overview of the contemporary research done by scientists and engineers working on wireless electricity systems in Russia, USA and Europe.

The researchers mentioned on the show are: Prof. Dmitrij S. Strebkov, Dr. Aleksej Nekrasov, Ing. Stanislav V. Avramenko †, Ing. Oleg A. Roschin, Dr. James F. Corum, Ing., Kenneth L. Corum, Prof. Konstantin Meyl, Dr. Antonio Carlos M. De Queiroz, Ing. Leland Anderson, Eric Dollard, Duane A. Bylund, D.C. Cox, Richard L. Hull, Richard Quick, Greg Leyh and Mike Kennan. The show was broadcast on the 25th January 2016 on channel HRT3 of the Croatian Radiotelevision. Subtitles in English language are available.

Watch now: Wireless Power Transmission

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