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This is a version of Rife Beam Ray device based on publicly known general specifications. We found several available schematics which in our case proved to be inadequate and sometimes contradictory. In reality, classical LC oscillators of Hartley type used in original Rife Beam Ray clinical devices proved to be somewhat unstable and rather sensitive to capacitive coupling with sides of metallic enclosure. In order to facilitate manufacturing of this experimental device we modified existing schematics on several points based on our own calculations and achieved electrically stable and reliable design.

Experimental device carrier wave is adjustable from 2.2 to 3.6 MHz and is rather stable aside from thermal drift of the oscillator circuit. Crystal controlled oscillators or even modern active RC oscillators can achieve better stability and precision so there is a lot of room for improvement in this section of the device. Modulating signal with this particular modulator input circuit is limited to 80 – 100 kHz. However, with some improvements in input circuit modulation should be effective to at least 150 kHz or more. That being said we found this particular type of thermionic valve gating circuit to be lacking and especially so when using sinusoidal wave as modulating signal. The performance of the gating circuit can be improved but other more efficient types of active semiconductor circuits could and in our opinion should be employed in that role. We found modulator amplifier schematic suggested by Aubrey Scoon to be particularly unstable due to significant design flaws and after playing a while with it we significantly changed the design of the circuit and achieved very reliable operation with Vpp of up to 88 V for frequencies up to 100 kHz. The circuit is thermally stable and output transistors are running completely cool when mounted directly on the chassis of the experimental device.

We have done a lot of experimental work with the device internal design and electrical and physical behaviour of different elements of the circuit. During those experiments, we observed a number of interesting effects corresponding with our observations and measurements done with our historical MWO replica. If we have not had initial problems with publically available designs we would never have been forced to make such great number of measurements and physical observations. So in the end it turned out that initial problems can lead to interesting observations and new conclusions.

Of course, it really helps if you have at your disposal small collection of antique radio parts from thermionic valve era so modifications and observations are done in matter of hours or at worst in days instead of weeks and months. Using proper test and measurement equipment also proved to be of outmost importance. In the past, we already designed several Rife type devices of more complexity and capability of signal processing and mixing. However, we found some of the observations made on this classical type of plasma antenna based Rife device to be invaluable for future advancements of this type of technology.

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None of our work on this type of technology would be possible if it were not for late Aubrey Scoon who got us interested in this type of technology in the early 2000’s. His electrical designs were sometimes odd and rather finicky but without his enthusiasm and energy this field of electrotherapy research would not be where it is today. He was rather forthcoming in our conversations and helped a lot. Thank you Aubrey.

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    I like to purchase a frequency machine that include a function to block personal ID. Thank you.


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