Multiwave Oscillator Replicas

Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator Replicas (Lakhovsky Multiwellen Oszillator / Oscillateur à Longueur d’Ondes Multiples – OLOM)

We make to order premium quality replicas of the original Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator model BV2 (most mature model). There are two versions that we offer: standard and heavy-duty. Both versions are in every significant aspect virtually identical to the original Lakhovsky MWO model BV2 which was being produced between 1933 and 1940, i.e. frequency content, output power, signal envelope, phase reversal and split-ring multi-metal concentric resonator antennae.

The main differences between the standard and the heavy-duty versions are:

MWO comparison table
Lakhovsky MWO replica comparison table

What makes our Multiwave Oscillator replicas different from others offered on the market?

  • The replicas are constructed strictly following the technical specifications published in the comprehensive reverse-engineering report “The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed” on the three original Lakhovsky oscillators discovered in Italy. The report was written and published by researchers Tony Kerselaers and Bruno Sacco (for more information visit:
  • The resulting output, i.e. frequency content, output power, signal envelope and phase reversal are identical to the original Lakhovsky MWO devices model BV2, as reported in the reverse-engineering report.
  • The replicas are built using robust custom made parts capable of withstanding any possible electrical extremes to ensure reliable operation for many years.
  • The modular design ensures quick and easy mounting of the key parts with a single hex socket wrench and a screwdriver.
  • Each replica comes with a set of historical accessories including two hand-held spiral applicators and a capacitively coupled footplate.
  • Warranty on all parts is 36 months except on expendable parts (tungsten electrodes).

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