Dr. Georges Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s Beam Ray Type of Device

Premium Quality Functional Replicas of Historical Electrotherapy Devices

Multiple Wave Oscillator: Heavy Duty Replica

Nowadays, with the advances in research of bioactive effects of pulsed electric fields and radio-frequency signals, a renewed interest has developed in historical electrotherapy devices which have been proved beneficial for some types of diseases that are, even today, hard to cure…

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Multiple Wave Oscillator: Functional Replica

Multiple Wave Oscillator of Dr. Georges Lakhovsky is one of historical electrotherapy devices whose history is riddled with speculations, rumours and lot of hearsay. It is often claimed that MWO could easily treat cancer and rejuvenate body and is a cure for all…

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Rife Beam Ray Type of Device: Functional Replica

This is a version of Rife Beam Ray device based on publicly known general specifications. We found several available schematics which in our case proved to be inadequate and sometimes contradictory. In reality, classical LC oscillators of Hartley type used in…

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Multiple Wave Oscillator Videos

Multiple Wave Oscillator: Heavy Duty Functional Replica

Multiple Wave Oscillator: Electric Field Measurements

Multi-Wave Oscillator: Electrical Overstress Testing


Custom Made Components

HV Transformer W/ Output Current Limiter

This type of high voltage transformer employs adjustable output current limiter and it is suitable for use in MWO, Tesla transformers and similar types of devices.

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Spark Gap V Type (MWO models BV1 and BV2)

This is the improved version of the V-type quenched spark gap that was used in historical MWO models BV1 and BV2.

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Multiple Wave Oscillator Resonator Antennas

These are replicas of the original MWO concentric split-ring resonator antennas with the dimensions of each split-ring resonator identical to the ones used in the historical MWO BV2 model.

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