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Multiple Wave Oscillator (also known as Multi Wave Oscillator, Multiwave Oscillator or MWO) of Dr. Georges Lakhovsky is one of the historical electrotherapy devices whose history is riddled with speculations, rumours and lot of hearsay. It is often claimed that Multiple Wave Oscillator devices could easily treat cancer and rejuvenate body being a cure for all – a sort of electrotherapy apparatus panacea. Historically speaking and by the words of the Dr. Lakhovsky himself, MWO in some cases cured some forms of cancer and other illnesses, however in other cases (usually the later stages of a disease) it did little to help the condition. As for the claims of rejuvenation, indeed there are historical photographs of treated patients whose skin wrinkles and grey hair got younger appearance.

Over the past few decades, there have been numerous attempts to recreate the original MWO device. Some of the devices that were result of such attempts are quite inventive and imaginative. However regardless of rumours of their medicinal efficiency they were all just educated guesses as to exactly how the historical device really worked. It all changed when several original and several still functional original MWO devices were discovered in Italy. Through the efforts of two curious engineers Bruno Sacco and Tony Kerselaers those devices were meticulously analysed and reverse engineered. They published their findings in the e-book “The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed” (now in 3rd expanded edition) which can be ordered from Revealed.htm. We highly recommend reading this book thoroughly to anybody interested in historical materials regarding the original Multiple Wave Oscillator device by Dr. Lakhovsky. It is virtually the only reliable source of historically and technically available data on the original device.

Making the Functionctional Replica of Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator

Based on the reverse engineering report, we designed the MWO replica that closely matches the specifications of the Lakhovsky’s original Multiple Wave Oscillator BV2 device. Modelling of all design elements of Multiwave Oscillator is done using 3D CAD software. That enables us to promptly modify the design in order to immediately address real-life problems encountered during machining and assembly process. All electrical key components like contactors, high voltage capacitors, high voltage transformer, high voltage wiring etc. we select in such a way to ensure at least twice the nominal rating necessary for reliable operation of the device, thus extending the lifetime of the components. The historical device was practically never used in excessive power output and efluvia was deemed detrimental for the normal operation of the device (as it turns out with a good reason). We decided to employ protective circuitry and also to limit maximum output power to within values that were historically used in treatments of patients. In such a way, longevity of the components is ensured and the device operates within the normal parameters historically used in treatments of patients. It is of course possible to re-adjust the circuitry to allow for maximum power output but we do not see any rational reason for doing so.

We use custom-made steel modular racks to house the internal circuitry. Rugged design of the enclosure protects users from accidentally touching the high voltage components. It also protects the components from accidental physical damage. In fact, we are confident that our Multiple Wave Oscillator replica can easily endure most severe impacts. Individually removable panels allow for quick access to key components of the internal circuitry. Due to modular nature of the enclosure it is possible to retrofit MWO replica with additional circuitry and instruments as per request. Digitally printed decals were used on our early prototypes for the sake of simplicity, however all subsequent replicas incorporated engravings of the metal panels. What is more the spark gap adjustment knob is now replaced with turns counting dial in order to provide a more precise and reliable adjustments of distance between the spark gap electrodes.

Although it is not necessary for the functional operation of the MWO, a lot could to be said about the way the coil assemblies look aesthetically. We take special care to design our Multiwave Oscillator replicas in such a way to make them aesthetically appealing (also see the heavy duty version of Multi Wave Oscillator). With that goal in mind, Oudin coils (although frequently confused, MWO in fact uses Oudin’s coil design rather than Tesla’s) were wound on the precisely machined transparent Plexiglas tubes. Such tubes ensure precise distribution of windings, and mechanically compact design. We are of opinion that it gives the coils a rather modern look. Another transparent Plexiglas tube that encloses the entire coil provides protection from accidental mechanical damage, prevents appearance of electrical corona discharge (in addition to layers of polyurethane varnishing applied to the surface of the coil itself) and most people we talk to think that it simply looks great. 🙂

Sub-circuits are mounted on separate modules. Such design considerably simplifies assembly, testing, modifications and replacement of key components. Based on our experiences with the initial design shown on the photos and in the video below, we have additionally improved the design of key components. In fact, since our entire coil assembly design is easily replaceable it is now possible to manufacture separate coil modules that can produce a desired set of resonant frequencies. Therefore, there is a possibility to manufacture additional coils tuned to different set of resonant frequencies, which allows users to experiment with different frequency relationships by simply replacing coils.

We can also make a different type of spark gap. Compared to other types of spark gaps used in the original MWO devices, there are no apparent functional differences. It has its advantages and disadvantages compared to a more conventional design. V-type spark gap is better suited for prolonged operation in spark quenching mode due to larger surface area of the electrodes. However, such advantage comes at the expense of larger weight and inability for easy replacement of wolfram electrodes. Due to modular design of our replica both types of spark gap are easily interchangeable with no additional adjustments needed.

Treatment procedure of historical Multiple Wave Oscillator devices often required use of specially designed hand-held instruments and footpads. Such instruments were often placed in direct contact or close proximity to the treated region of body and were used to shape (“focus”) geometry of the oscillating dielectric field. Because we deem those instruments to be one of crucial parts of the historical MWO treatments and for the sake of historical accuracy we also produce those instruments. They are an integral part of the historical MWO replica set.

Based on our experience, we continue to improve on the mechanical design, machining procedures and even aesthetics of Multiple Wave Replicas replicas that we produce.

Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Video

We manufacture functional replicas of the historical Multiple Wave Oscillator of Dr. Lakhovsky under contract. It means that we do not make any claims of possible bioactive and medicinal effects. It is the responsibility of a user to observe necessary caution and pertinent safety and EMI/RFI regulations. In order for Multiple Wave Oscillator replica to operate appropriately and safely, it is also up to user to ensure adequate electrical installations and earthing (grounding). Only qualified professionals should do any servicing of MWO electrical installation and circuitry.

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  1. Darin Selby  April 4, 2016

    My question is whether or not the Lakhovsky MWO could be used as a short distance FM carrier wave for communications? If so, then (FCC aside), if a total restructuring of how we communicate would happen, it could be even beneficial to have a modified cellphone up next to your head!

    More repeating towers would be necessary, to continue the longer wave FM signal transmission over greater distances, though each tower would be transmitting a harmonious, healing MWO carrier wave to the surrounding environment. Please, do share with me your thoughts on this webpage I’ve put together. Thank you.

    • RT17  May 8, 2016

      Thank you for your enquiry. Reply via email.

  2. Simon  June 20, 2017


    I would like to know what is the cost of the machine and transport to Switzerland.

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    I would like to have one WMO, how much is it?

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