Multi-Wave Oscillator HEAVY-DUTY VERSION Replica

Historically, physicians in Europe used Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator devices for electrotherapy from the 1930s until the late 1980s. Today, due to advances in research on the bioactive effects of pulsed electric fields and radio-frequency signals, there is renewed interest in these historical devices. They have been proven beneficial for some types of diseases that are still hard to cure even today.

Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator devices have been mentioned in the literature for decades. However, the technical details and specifications have mainly remained unknown and speculative. There have been many notable attempts to deduce the design of Dr Lakhovsky’s Multi Wave Oscillator based only on general descriptions. However, these were only educated guesses and, in many cases, significantly deviated from the original design. As a result, such devices had dubious bioactive properties.

The BV2 Model Replica

The heavy-duty version replica that we produce is in every significant aspect virtually identical to the original BV2 model Multi-Wave Oscillator that was originally produced by Lakhovsky’s former company, “Laboratoires COLYSA”, between 1933 and 1940., i.e. frequency content, output power, signal envelope, phase reversal, concentric antenna etc. Technical specifications that we use as a guide are based on detailed information in the comprehensive reverse-engineering report on the original and still functional BV2 model Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillators that were discovered in Italy in 2009, which was published by Bruno Sacco and Tony Kerselaers, in the e-book “The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed“.

Have you compared the standard and heavy-duty versions of the Lakhovsky Réplicas de osciladores multionda that we make to order?

The Heavy-Duty Version Features

1. Requisitos operativos conformes a las especificaciones históricas (es decir, frecuencias del transmisor/reflector, sus relaciones y niveles de salida)

1.1. Bobinas de resonancia de alto voltaje

To ensure the produced signal is in compliance with the signal generated by the original Lakhovsky MWO devices, we make acrylic coil formers that hold the primary and secondary windings of the high-voltage Oudin resonator. By machining the grooves on the surface of the former, we ensure the windings’ preciseness and compactness. After resonator coils are made, they are tuned to comply with historical specifications.

Bobina resonadora de MWO
Bobina resonadora de alto voltaje

2. Resonator antennas compliant with the original BV2 model antennas

The split-ring resonator antennas are produced according to the original BV2 model specifications. To maintain authenticity, we fasten them using silk ribbons like it was used in the original. Although the fabric may be susceptible to charring when exposed to effluvia, the tests proved it could easily withstand extreme conditions when exposed directly to stable RF discharges (something never encountered in the device’s regular operation).

Las antenas osciladoras de ondas múltiples de Lakhovsky
Las antenas del Oscilador Multi-Ondas de Lakhovsky

3. reliable operation with MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) exceeding 25000 hours

Para asegurar un funcionamiento fiable del dispositivo durante períodos prolongados, elegimos cuidadosamente los componentes:

3.1. Condensadores

Capacitors are the components that suffer the most stress due to the powerful and fast discharges they have to provide to the primary coil. Although we could have used smaller single parts like pulse-rated Strontium-Titanate capacitors, from our experience, such components tend to gradually heat up during prolonged periods of operation with the consequent loss of performance and increase in the decay of the dielectric.

Instead, we opted to use the so-called Multi-Mini Capacitor (MMC) type of design, i.e., many smaller capacitors connected in an arrangement that divides voltage stress and heat losses among individual components. We use high-pulse-rated film capacitors and additional high-quality bleed resistors with an appropriate voltage rating of 10 kV per device to ensure fast discharge of the capacitors when the replica is turned off.

Conjunto de condensadores de osciladores multiondas
The multi-mini capacitor consists of 96 high pulse-rated film capacitors
Multi-Wave Oscillator HEAVY-DUTY VERSION Replica
Sealed multi-mini capacitor with high-voltage-rated epoxy resin

We use 48 individual pulse capacitors per MMC. In total, we use 96 capacitors in the entire Multi-Wave Oscillator primary tank circuit with the net voltage rating of the capacitors at ~26,000 V. Hence, the nominal voltage rating is about 400 % higher than the maximum output voltage rating of the high voltage transformer used to charge the capacitors. In such a way, we provide a considerable margin of capacitors’ reliability and longevity of the components. The capacitors are all connected with solid copper bus bars, which are connected both mechanically and by soldering. The symmetrical arrangement of the capacitor strings ensures that all branches get equally stressed during a discharge cycle. MMC is placed in the ABS enclosure and vacuum-potted by a high-voltage-rated epoxy compound.

3.2. Los choques de radiofrecuencia de alto voltaje

We use high-voltage radio-frequency chokes for suppression of transients that may damage the windings of the charging high-voltage transformer. Although we tested the secondary windings of our custom-made high-voltage transformer up to 25 kV DC, we decided it was better to reduce the risk of damage even further. HV RF chokes are made according to the technical specifications of the original Multi-Wave Oscillator BV2 model, and they proved to be quite efficient in transient suppression.

Multi-Wave Oscillator HEAVY-DUTY VERSION Replica
High-voltage RF chokes

3.3. V-TYPE Spark gap

To improve the smoothness of movement of the historical La brecha de chispas del Lakhovsky V-Type, we modified the adjustment mechanism. We also modified electrode holders so that it is now possible to replace the electrodes without disassembly of the spark gap. The diameter of the tungsten electrodes is modified to 3.2 mm so that standard readily available welding electrodes can be used. Electrodes are the only spare parts in the entire system.

Multi-Wave Oscillator HEAVY-DUTY VERSION Replica
La brecha de chispas de tipo V

3.4. El enfriamiento forzado y la ventilación de ozono

The electrodes and their holders must be cooled to operate for prolonged periods. We use forced air cooling using a large industrial axial fan with an airflow throughput of ~320 m3/h, which proved crucial during extended periods of operation to keep the temperature between 50-55 °C and vent out the excess ozone from the MWO enclosure.

3.5. El espacio de chispa de seguridad

The safety spark gap is another component used to protect the secondary winding of the high-voltage transformer by discharging transient peaks into the grounding. We designed an easily adjustable spark gap with three spherical electrodes, one of which is grounded. It proved quite efficient, and in regular operation, it doesn’t heat up significantly.

Espacio de chispa de seguridad
Espacio de chispa de seguridad

3.6. Pruebas de componentes

Components testing is one of the crucial elements in the manufacturing of any functional replica. All components have to withstand extreme operating conditions encountered in regular operation to ensure the device will serve reliably for many years. Based on practical experience, we usually use and produce components that can withstand even the most extreme conditions that would never be encountered in regular operations.

In the case of the heavy-duty replica model, the primary concerns are the voltage and current ratings of the critical components and their heating during prolonged periods of operation (high-voltage capacitors, primary tank wires, spark gaps, high-voltage transformers, and high-voltage resonators).

Once we assemble, tune, and test all the components, we operate the replica in the standard working conditions until the entire device works stable. There are no insulation breakdowns or overheating of the parts. Then we push the input/output power to approximately 300% of the maximum continuous power in the regular operation of the device. All components are tested under severe stress for over 15 minutes. This means that when working under normal conditions, even for prolonged periods, the expected service life of all the components should surely exceed 25,000 hours of operation.

4. Device operation on either 230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz electric utility systems

4.1. High voltage transformer

The high-voltage transformer is used to increase the voltage from the electrical mains voltage of 230 V (or 120 V) to the higher voltage necessary to charge the primary tank capacitors. Using an electronic power supply would not be the right solution due to the ageing of its components, which would shorten the total service life of the entire device, which can easily be measured in decades.

We added extra functionality to the original design to improve the precision of adjustment. In the historical Multi-Wave Oscillator, the HV transformer had one fixed output voltage. We opted to make the transformer more versatile while retaining the same specifications as in the original device. To achieve that, we opted for a custom-made HV transformer with selectable output voltage.

Transformador de alta tensión hecho a medida con limitador de corriente ajustable
Transformador de alta tensión hecho a medida

5. Sturdy and durable enclosure with a modernised design

Chasis de tamaño completo

  • Lo suficientemente robusto para sobrevivir muchos años de servicio
  • Totalmente conectado a tierra para garantizar un alto nivel de seguridad
  • Suficiente superficie neta de aberturas de ventilación
  • Diseño modernizado
  • Acabado de alta calidad

We use galvanised steel in combination with aluminium to achieve as homogeneous grounding of the enclosure as possible and to modernise the design. Using 2 mm thick steel plates makes a chassis very sturdy. All enclosure elements are entirely plasticised with a textured finish to protect steel parts from corrosion and enhance their appearance.

Oscilador Multi-Ondas Caja de alta resistencia

Control panels are made from thick brushed aluminium plates, which are anodised to improve their resistance to oxidation and corrosion due to moisture and sweat. Markings of the control panels are created by CNC engraving and filled with paint to ensure their longevity and prevent possible fading of the letterings.

Paneles de control del oscilador multiondas
Control panels

6. Aumento de los niveles de seguridad en comparación con la histórica puesta a tierra de la MWO

6.1. Conexión a tierra

All elements of the enclosure are later connected by thick grounding wires to create a homogeneous electrical surface, which makes a better Faraday cage (less EMI/RFI interferences) and virtually eliminates electrical shock hazards for the user. Although all internal components are non-flammable, a steel enclosure also almost eliminates the risk of accidental fire spreading to the surrounding area.

The chassis has a service door with a key lock to ensure easy access to the internal components. An additional micro-switch prevents accidental powering on of the device when the access door is opened. We added a small observation window to allow users to observe the operation of the spark gap. The window consists of glass layers and ultra-violet light filters to prevent possible damage to eyesight.

Quality of grounding plays a significant role in the operation of the Multi-Wave Oscillator because the physical ground (earth) closes the electric circuit. It directly affects the efficiency of the Multi-Wave Oscillator. Dr Lakhovsky himself, in his writings and notes, put a strong emphasis on the quality of the grounding. Later measurements performed by Tony Kerselaers and Bruno Sacco on the original devices confirmed it.

These oscilloscope screenshots, made with the analyser tool described in the reverse-engineering report, show the Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator’s behaviour when grounded by the typical electrical mains grounding compared to dedicated RF (radio-frequency) grounding.



The signal envelope is much more pronounced in the case of dedicated RF grounding, which is in accordance with the measured envelope of the original devices. So, the better the grounding quality, the higher the device’s efficiency.

6.2. Cableado

The cables have to be ozone-resistant and also provide an extra element of safety. For internal cabling, we use double-insulated silicone cables for electrical mains and HV transformer output sections to protect them from ozone-induced decay.

External high-voltage cabling is functionally part of the primary tank circuit, which means that in case of cable insulation failure, there is an increased risk of accidental electrical shock. This can be very dangerous due to the significant amount of energy stored in high-voltage capacitors.

Therefore, we use heavy-duty coaxial cable with its electrical shielding connected to the electrical ground. This ensures that in case of insulation failure, electrical current goes directly into the grounding, thus providing a high level of safety for the operator.

Cable coaxial del oscilador multiondas
A coaxial cable with shielding connected to the electrical ground via a high-voltage connector

We use custom-made high-voltage connectors with thick PTFE (Teflon) insulation to match the coaxial cable and provide a continuous shielded high-voltage line from the Multi-Wave Oscillator base unit to the transmitter section.

7. Minimización de las interferencias EMI/RFI introducidas en la red eléctrica

EMI/RFI suppression is another consideration. Virtually all high-voltage resonant transformers produce sharp voltage transients, which may be injected back into the installation of the electrical mains. This means that interferences may adversely affect other devices connected to the electrical wiring. To suppress sharp transients, we use a high-quality, medical-grade filter, which proved to be quite effective.

The spark gap produces additional radio-frequency interferences. The most suitable way to shield the environment from RF interference is to use an entirely grounded metallic enclosure. We use 2 mm thick galvanised steel plates, all of which are additionally electrically connected by thick silicone-insulated cables. Most of the RF interferences produced by the spark gap are thus removed due to the enclosure behaving as a Faraday cage.

8. Implementos de mano del Oscilador Multi-Onda

Hand-held implements were regularly used with the original Multi-Wave Oscillators to focus high-frequency displacement currents on specific treatment areas. The historical notes describe them as an essential part of the procedures used by Dr. Lakhovsky and Dr. Vassileff.

We make replicas of the original hand-held implements that comply with the historical specifications described in the reverse engineering report. The only detail that was modified is the use of polymer (plastic) grips instead of the original wooden ones. This modification doesn’t affect the device’s function, but it is superior in many respects, primarily in the sense of less weight, resistance to moisture, and higher durability.

Instrumento de mano del oscilador multiondas
Hand-held implement

The heavy-duty replica is in every significant way virtually identical to the original Multi-Wave Oscillator Model BV2, operating on either 230 V/50 Hz or 120 V/60 Hz electrical utility systems and strictly within the historical specifications. Tested under extreme conditions, the heavy-duty replica has an MTBF of more than 10,000 hours. The modern-looking and sturdy enclosure and double insulated silicone cables for electrical mains and HV transformer output sections ensure increased levels of safety and minimised EMI/RFI interference.

Réplica del oscilador multi onda de alta resistencia
Heavy-duty version replica

Por favor, tenga en cuenta: For a Multi-Wave Oscillator replica to operate safely, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure adequate electrical installations and grounding (earth), observe safety precautions, and comply with EMI/RFI regulations. We do not accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur due to improper use of the replica.

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Multi-Wave Oscillator HEAVY-DUTY VERSION Replica


Aprende a diferenciar una réplica del oscilador multiondas original de Lakhovsky de los dispositivos no réplica que se ofrecen en el mercado.

Multi-Wave Oscillator HEAVY-DUTY VERSION Replica

Galería de video del Oscilador Multiondas de Lakhovsky

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    Jimmy Luk

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