Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator Replica Video Gallery

These videos demonstrate exact replicas of the original Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator replicas that we make to order. There are two Lakhovsky MWO replica versions available: the standard version (premium quality replica) and the heavy-duty version (superior quality replica).

9 Things to Check Before Buying a Replica of the Original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

Duration: 3:30 minutes

If you are planning to purchase an exact copy of the original Lakhovsky MWO, check these 9 essential features of a replica that are critical for achieving the effects of the original devices. We made this list according to the reverse engineering report on the 3 original and still functional Lakhovsky oscillators that have recently been discovered in Dr Vassileff’s former offices in Italy. Reverse engineering analysis was carried out by the MultiWaveResearch team.

Multiple Wave Oscillator: Heavy-Duty Version Electric Field Measurements

Duration: 2:48 minutes; Subtitles: English

Demonstrated in this video are the electric field measurements of the fully functional replica of the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator. Watch the cancellation of the transmitted and reflected signals between the antennas using a fluorescent lamp. The same behaviour has been observed in the original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator devices.

Multiple Wave Oscillator Replica: Heavy-Duty Version Short Demonstration

Duration: 0:29 minutes; Subtitles: English

Demonstrated here is a functional heavy-duty replica of the original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator device model BV2, tested at ~280 % above its normal maximum power to ensure the reliability of all the electric components.

Multiple Wave Oscillator: Heavy-Duty Version Electrical Overstress (EOS) Testing

Duration: 3:07 minutes; Subtitles: English

Demonstrated in this video are the effects of a Multiple Wave Oscillator replica model BV2 overdriven to ~280 % of its normal maximum power. Of particular interest are the occurrences of seemingly stable RF (radio-frequency) electrical discharges between the concentric split-ring resonators of the MWO antenna.

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