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9 Essential Features to Check Before Buying a Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator Replica

If you are considering to buy a replica (accurate copy) of the original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator, you must have noticed there are various “Multi-Wave Oscillator” devices advertised on the internet for sale. Some of them are well built, and many have very little in common with the original devices produced by Dr Georges Lakhovsky’s …

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Multi Wave Oscillator: Superior Quality Heavy-Duty Replica

Historically, Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator devices were used for electrotherapy by physicians from 1930s into late 1980s in Europe. Nowadays, with the advances in research of bioactive effects of pulsed electric fields and radio-frequency signals, a renewed interest has developed in historical devices which have been proved beneficial for some types of diseases that are, even today, hard to cure.

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Multiple Wave Oscillator: Premium Quality Replica

Multiple Wave Oscillator (also termed Multi Wave Oscillator or Lakhovsky machine; in German: Multiwellen Oszillator; in French: Oscillateur à Longueur d’Ondes Multiples – OLOM) of Dr Georges Lakhovsky is one of the historical electrotherapy devices whose history is riddled with speculations and rumours. It is often claimed that original Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator devices could efficiently treat cancer and rejuvenate body being a cure for all – a sort of electrotherapy apparatus panacea. Historically speaking and by the words of the Dr Lakhovsky himself, Multi Wave Oscillators in some cases cured some forms of cancer and other illnesses, however in other cases (usually the later stages of a disease) it did little to help the condition. As for the claims of rejuvenation, indeed there are historical photographs of treated patients whose skin wrinkles and grey hair got a younger appearance.

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Rife Beam Ray Device replica

We produced a replica of the original Rife Beam Ray device based on publicly known general specifications. We found several available schematics which in our case proved to be inadequate and sometimes contradictory. In reality, classical LC oscillators of Hartley type used in the original Rife Beam Ray clinical devices proved to be somewhat unstable and somewhat sensitive to capacitive coupling with sides of the metallic enclosure. To facilitate the production we modified the existing schematics on several points based on our calculations. As a result, we achieved an electrically stable and reliable design.

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Tesla’s Egg of Columbus Replica

There is a legend about Christopher Columbus winning a wager against his critics by making an egg stand on its tip. That story is often used to illustrate the fact that it is often simple to understand the discovery after it already happened. That principle is undoubtedly true in case of famous inventor Nikola Tesla who discovered laws of rotating (rotary) magnetic field. His discoveries lead to the invention of the polyphase induction motor. Although Tesla didn’t discover alternating current, he was the first one to harness it and use it to do useful work efficiently.

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