Guest Appearance by Zvonimir Rudomino on the TV Show “Na Rubu Znanosti”: Bioelectric Medicine

Zvonimir Rudomino was a guest on TV show “Na rubu znanosti” hosted by Krešimir Mišak, on the topic of Bioelectric Medicine. The topics discussed include historical electrotherapy treatments, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s plasma antenna based devices, Dr. Georges Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) and the possibilities of using bioelectrical medical devices in the modern medical treatments of cancer, leukemia and infectious diseases like AIDS.

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Tesla’s Egg of Columbus Replica

There is a legend about Christopher Columbus winning a wager against his critics by making an egg stand on its tip. That story is often used to illustrate the fact that it is often simple to understand the discovery after it already happened. That principle is undoubtedly true in case of famous inventor Nikola Tesla who discovered laws of rotating (rotary) magnetic field. His discoveries lead to the invention of the polyphase induction motor. Although Tesla didn’t discover alternating current, he was the first one to harness it and use it to do useful work efficiently.

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Enhancing Seed Germination and Plant Growth Using EMF

Germination of plant seed is typically affected by ambient temperature, moisture, pH of soil, lighting conditions and quality of seed. Usually, only a certain percentage of seed successfully germinates and develops into seedlings. It is less known that specific oscillating electromagnetic fields (EMF) also affect germination rate and the growth of seedlings and their later growth into fully grown plants. Effects of electromagnetic fields on the germination of seed, seedling development and later plant growth can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on the nature of EMF and the way they are applied.

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