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Zvonimir Rudomino guest on TV show Govornica

Zagreb, 24 January 2014 – Zvonimir Rudomino was a guest in the TV show Govornica (eng. Rostrum) where he talked about Nikola Tesla’s life and work. The show was broadcast on the 24 January 2014, on…

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Zvonimir Rudomino guest on TV show Na rubu znanosti

Zagreb, 28 October 2013 – Zvonimir Rudomino was a guest on TV show Na rubu znanosti (eng. At the Edge of Science) hosted by Krešimir Mišak, on the topic of Bioelectric Medicine. The topics discusse…

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Zvonimir Rudomino: Dr. Raymond Rife and Bioelectric Medicine

Zagreb, 17 September 2011 – Zvonimir Rudomino, inventor and co-owner of the company RT17 was Krešimir Mišak’s guest live “On the Edge of Science” @ Mystic 2011 (2nd International Fair of Alternative…

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Research and Development of Innovative Electrotherapy Medical Devices

While it is certainly true that modern medicine is more or less able to treat some of the diseases that were previously thought to be incurable, it is also true that ever more complex chemical compoun…

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Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO)

Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) of Dr. Georges Lakhovsky is one of historical electrotherapy devices whose history is riddled with speculations, rumours and lot of hearsay. It is often claime…

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Our Early Research on Electrotherapy (Electromedicine)

Back in the period during 2000-2002 I experimented with few simple HF oscillators/plasma antenna exciters for Rife type of devices. It was a period that Dr. James Bare started to do more serious modif…

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